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Whether it’s for study, work, migration or immigration purposes, Malayan offers a range of English courses and exams.

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Malayan English Academy,

a proud provider of quality education in English language.
We offer English courses that answer to a wide range of needs. Whether it’s for study, work, migration or immigration purposes, at Malayan English Academy, there’s a course for everyone.
We work closely with the Ministry of Education, Pearson Education Group and the University of Cambridge to help train and prepare students for a multitude of English certifications, including Cambridge English, IELTS, PTE-A and CELTA. Our classes are tailored for children, teenagers, and adults, as well as aspiring English teachers.
Find the right course that suits you today and take your English skills to the next level with Malayan English Academy.
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Malayan English Academy is a set forth by our constant strive for excellence. We believe that language has the ability to empower a person’s life, acting as a bridge to a whole new perspective and horizon. As English is the language of trade and global communication, it is more important now than ever to master it. Whether we start young, or in adulthood, Malayan English Academy does not turn its back towards whoever aspires to progress in their life through English. Our promise is that participants of various backgrounds and age will be exposed to world-class English language education, trained by only the best English educators and resources. We hope Malaysians will continue to achieve their ambitions through excellent English communication.
Best of luck in all learning endeavours,

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