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Take Pearson-approved tests at Big Assessment Group and prove your English proficiency with an international certificate.
As the world largest English education group, Pearson Education offers a variety of English assessment that verifies and acknowledges an individual’s English proficiency at a global level.
Pearson offers tests that are made for both children and adults of all ages and ambitions.
  • Planning to migrate or work overseas?
  • Applying to an overseas university in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, or the USA?
  • Aiming to get that promotion at your workplace?
  • Volunteering at an international organisation e.g. WWF, UNICEF, or Amnesty International?
  • Aspiring to become a better English speaker and user?
We will help you achieve your dreams at Big Assessment Group!
Pearson is a fair and flexible system of tests that can be taken at any time of the year in various authorised test centres around the world, including at our centre!
At Big Assessment Group centre, candidates are able to go through a standardised test with an advanced and unbiased marking system. With Pearson’s computerised scoring technology, you can be sure of the accuracy and impartiality of your test scores.
Pearson English certificates are recognised and accepted by various institutions, schools, and corporations all over the world.
Why Should I Take Pearson Assessments?
  • Computerised assessment using advanced technology
  • Fast test results
  • Flexible & reliable
  • Accepted by many overseas universities including Harvard, Yale & MIT
  • Recognised by institutions, companies and government around the world
  • Fair & systemised
Pearson assessments are regulated directly by the Pearson Education Group through authorised test centres around the globe.
In Malaysia, there are only 4 centres approved by Pearson as test administrators. And in Johor, Big Assessment Group is the ONLY Pearson-authorised test centre. We have been proudly serving Malaysians Pearson English certifications since 2019.
As a Pearson-authorised test centre, Big Assessment Group administers tests such as PTE-A, PTE-YL, and EYBL.
We offer 4 types of Pearson tests at Big Assessment Group:
  • Placement
  • Progression
  • Summative
  • Verification

Why Big Assessment Group:

Big Assessment Group
The only test centre in Johor and southern Malaysia that is Pearson-authorised.
Big Assessment Group
Original material and learning aids from Pearson Group in the UK.
Big Assessment Group
The flexibility of registration, either online or walk-in.
Big Assessment Group
Professional, reliable and experienced test administrators.

Big Group Assessment Centre is an authorised Pearson Test administrator.
Ensure that your test centre is authorised to ensure the authenticity and originality of your certificate.

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