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Business English

At Malayan English Academy, we offer English courses beyond the academic field. As English is used in the professional world as a medium for global trade and commerce, it is more important now than ever to master the language and lingo used in the working world.
That is why we offer Business English Certificates (BEC). Also known as Cambridge English: Business Certificates, this certification programme is a suite of three English language qualifications for international business.

Is the Business English Certificates for me?

BEC is ideal for those who want to work abroad, work with an international organisation, or improve their professional English for career-growth and promotions.
We can help you achieve your professional ambitions!

With Business English Certificates, you can:
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of charts and graphs
  • Write short business messages, emails and reports
  • Understand articles from business publications
  • Understand and participate in meetings
  • Deliver a presentation with confidence
  • React appropriately in different cultural and social situations

Why choose Business English Certificates?
  • A programme acknowledged globally by top international companies
  • Expert trainers with knowledge in the industry
  • Tailor your language skills to fit in the international world of work
  • Amplify your chances for promotions and career opportunities

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