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English for Visa, Migration, International Study & Work

Looking to study or work overseas? Malayan English Academy offers courses that will help you reach your ambitions. The examinations offered are internationally-recognised by universities and governments around the world.
The Pearson Test of English (Academic) or PTE-A, is an English examination constructed by Pearson Education for students all around the world. It is trusted by colleges, universities and governments across the world for its standard English assessment. This test will determine a candidate’s ability to understand and use English on a higher level.
At Malayan English Academy, PTE-A candidates are prepared and trained in-line with the test’s objective.

PTE-A is suitable if you are:
  • Applying for colleges and universities overseas
  • Applying for work or work visas to an English-speaking country
  • Volunteers wanting to join international non-profits for projects abroad

PTE-A Test Format:
Part 1: Speaking & Writing (77-93 minutes)
  • Consists of personal introduction
  • Answering short questions
Part 2: Reading (32-41 minutes)
  • Understanding a written text
  • Filling in the blanks
  • Choosing from multiple-choice answers
Part 3: Listening (45-57 minutes)
  • Writing from dictation
  • Filling in the blanks
  • Summarising spoken texts
  • Choosing from multiple-choice answers
The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a well-known and globally recognised standardised test to assess the proficiency of non-native English speakers. It is a common requirement for admission in many English-speaking universities overseas such as in the UK, USA and Australia.
You can be assured that the IELTS taught and administered by Malayan English Academy follows the standard accordingly.

How IELTS can help me?
  • Prove your English language capabilities
  • Eligible to apply for top English-speaking universities
  • Help you decide on a module to match your goal - Academic or General Training

Why should I choose IELTS?
  • Developed by world’s leading experts in language assessment
  • Supported by extensive research, validation and test development
  • Recognised and accepted by educational institutions, employers, professional bodies and immigration agencies.

For a list of organisations that accept IELTS scores, visit the IELTS website.
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